New Zealand Innovation Database


The 3GX (third Generation X-Ray) technology uses x-ray absorption and spectral analysis to detect and identify specific materials contained or concealed within a background of other, similar materials.


Advance Power Conversion for Wave Energy

Develop an advanced power conversion system for use in multi-mode wave energy systems.


Aldera Animal Health

Aldera is currently developing solutions in the animal health sector based on cutting edge science around naturally-derived phytochemicals and extracts.



The biochemical viability test is a colourimetric laboratory based test that determines whether small organisms are viable (alive or dead).


Alzheimer's Therapeutic

A new class of ‘disease modifying’ compounds for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.


Amaranth Protein

BPN have developed a process to produce an extract that is expected to deliver 3 beauty outcomes; skin whitening, hair strengthening, and skin cell protection.


Animal Probiotic

A specific bacterium that has been isolated and shown to have beneficial effects on animal health.


Antimicrobial Polymers

A novel family of antimicrobial polymers that exhibit anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties, while supporting growth of mammalian cells, can be utilised in a wide variety of applications.



A mineral-based product for capturing N and P from water.


Artificial Muscle Control

Artificial Muscles, also known as Dielectric Elastomers, enable the creation of soft actuators, sensors, and power generators from inexpensive soft polymer materials that are potentially smaller, lighter, and more efficient than is possible using conventional electromechanical technology.