KiwiNet strives to build a thriving web of interconnectivity between research organisations and business by regularly bringing new people together and encouraging the open exchange of ideas.

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The KiwiNet Commercialisation Forum enables NZ’s technology transfer staff to connect with their peers and learn from industry experts.

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Celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of those who strive to bridge the gap between research excellence and outstanding business leadership.

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These training programmes offer advanced professional development for commercialisation staff & covers the core principles of commercialising research.

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Explore key issues regarding technologies that support Industry with a focus on connecting innovative business & stakeholders with inventive researchers.

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These events offer potential investors and companies more visibility of the opportunities that are emerging from research organisations.

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Seamless partnerships and alignment with industry ensure Cawthron’s aquaculture, food safety and environmental research has line-of-sight to market. Not only is this good business, it’s also very satisfying to see science we’ve worked on for years in a lab, making a positive difference to New Zealand’s economy and in the wider world.

Professor Charles Eason, Chief Executive, Cawthron Institute
Professor Charles Eason, Chief Executive, Cawthron Institute