As a member of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Commercialisation Partner Network, KiwiNet administers PreSeed investment. PreSeed funding is used to turn science discoveries into commercially viable products and services.

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KiwiNet Investment Overview

What is PreSeed?

The PreSeed Accelerator Fund (PreSeed) is investment provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

PreSeed investment provides publicly funded research organisations with funding they can allocate on MBIE’s behalf for early-stage commercialisation of new ideas (so-called ‘devolved funding’).

PreSeed funding is intended to stimulate and attract investor interest to publicly funded research and development. PreSeed seeks to:

  • maximise the commercial benefits to New Zealand of previously publicly funded research
  • raise public sector providers' commercial capabilities and skills
  • improve public sector research providers' links with potential private sector partners.

How to access PreSeed

The process for accessing PreSeed investment depends on what type of contract your organisation has in place.

KiwiNet Consortium Members

Partner funding is for the organisations that submitted a joint application to MBIE to operate a combined pool of PreSeed funding under KiwiNet.

For more details on accessing this funding, please log in to the KiwiNet Commercial Portal. Here you will find further information on eligibility, requirements, and processes for investment.

This includes: AgResearch, AUT Ventures, Callaghan Innovation, Cawthron Institute, ESR, GNS Science, Health Innovation Hub, Lincoln University, Malaghan Institute, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, Massey Ventures, Plant and Food Research, University of Canterbury, WaikatoLink, Wellington UniVentures

Access Partner Funding

Other Public Research Organisations

For other public research organisations who currently do not hold a devolved PreSeed allocation, but wish to access alternative PreSeed funding.

Access Other Funding