Building Better and Faster Collaborations with Researcher, Industry and Government.
5th August, 2024 North Island, 7th August South Island

Do you want to learn more about how to engage with others in your industry? This workshop is all about teaching and supporting you to make stronger network connections, and foster relationships with those who have an interest in your work. So you can take your career and scientific innovations further.

And the best part, is that it’s completely free, and open to anyone.

Building Collaborations

This KiwiNet sponsored workshop is for
those wanting to get more out of their industry engagement activities.

The workshop covers off proactive strategies to ensure you get the greatest return out of your activities and efforts, including:

  • Why build better and faster collaborations?
  • Self-reflection “how do I rate as a collaborator”?
  • Where to begin (Researcher, Industry and Government collaboration)
  • Team building for faster and better collaborations
  • Building long term and endearing collaborations

It is intended that attendees develop a toolbox of practical skills that can be applied across various areas of their work.


North Island 5th August 2024

Location: TBA
In Person 9am-2pm

South Island 7th August 2024

Location: TBA
In Person 9am-2pm

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Ian Storie
Ian Storie

Course Facilitator

Ian Storie is an independent consultant having worked with both KiwiNet and Sifti for the past 3 years. Ian specialises in collaboration best practice and large account management having worked with hundreds of organisations and over 2,000 researchers, scientists, engineers and professional staff across ANZ, India, South Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ian has worked as a senior business development, client alliance and strategic marketing professional at organisations including General Electric, Siemens and CSIRO developing technology, research and engineering driven market segments including Education, Mining & Manufacturing, Agtech, Power & Water, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical & Refining, Healthcare & Pharma and Primary industries. Ian also has a long history of facilitating collaborations amongst Research Institutions, Multinationals, SME’s, State & Federal Government Departments, NGO’s, NFP’s and VC/start-ups globally.

Agenda of the day

  • Introduction to this workshop and the next step – our Rewa Pre-Accelerator Programme
  • Why build better and faster collaborations? Including pathways to impact
  • Where to begin? Including Researcher, Industry, Government, Maori economy collaboration
  • Break
  • Meet potential collaboration partners in virtual rooms
  • Team building for faster and better collaboration
  • Are you ready to collaborate? What’s your style, and how does your behaviour influence your outcomes?
  • Connecting and communicating with Industry and Government
  • Next steps