Commercialisation Professional Framework

Introducing the Commercialisation Professional Framework

Discover your potential within the dynamic realm of commercialisation with the Commercialisation Professional Framework, an initiative by KiwiNet. Our framework is your guide to navigating the diverse career opportunities in Aotearoa, New Zealand's thriving commercialisation sector.

Its Purpose:
Designed to empower and inspire, this framework showcases the breadth of career possibilities in commercialisation. It is our way of shedding light on the exciting journey from ideas to impact.

What You'll Find:
Inside, you'll find insights into different career stages, job roles, and the skills you need to thrive in commercialisation. It's a practical tool for planning your career growth.

Our Goal:
We want to make commercialisation in Aotearoa New Zealand more accessible and understandable. We want to inspire and attract more talent into this profession, contributing to the growth of our innovation ecosystem.

Join the Community: Commercialisation Professional Network
Become part of our online community, a safe space for collaboration, resource sharing, and connecting with fellow ecosystem contributors.
The community is housed in KiwiNet Impact Spaces, an ecosystem where communities across the research commercialisation profession connect to turn ideas into impact.
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Capability Cluster Assessment Tool
Use the online assessment tool that will enable you to evaluate your capabilities in three ways:

  • Self-assessment: Perfect for newcomers or those planning their development.
  • 180-assessment: Combine self-assessment with feedback from your manager/senior for career discussions.
  • 360-assessment: Get comprehensive insights by including peer feedback.

Please note that there will be a cost associated with using this tool.
Assessment Tool Access