Commercialisation Professional Assessment Tool

Commercialisation Professional Assessment Tool

We are excited to present the Commercialisation Professional Assessment Tool, a dynamic resource tailored to empower individuals within the realm of commercialisation!

This online assessment tool has been meticulously crafted to allow Commercialisation Professionals to evaluate their capabilities and use this data to define a professional development pathway. 

About the Tool

The Commercialisation Professional Assessment Tool offers three types of assessments tailored to your needs:

  • Self-assessment: Ideal for newcomers or individuals strategizing their professional development journey. This assessment allows you to evaluate your capabilities independently.
  • 180-assessment: This assessment combines the insights from your self-assessment with feedback from your manager. It's a valuable resource for facilitating career discussions and setting goals.
  • 360-assessment: Gain comprehensive insights by incorporating feedback not only from yourself and your manager but also from your peers. This holistic approach provides a well-rounded perspective on your capabilities and areas for improvement.

Complimentary Self-Assessment – until April 11

While there is typically a fee associated with accessing this resource, we are offering a complimentary self-assessment for a limited time. You can take advantage of this opportunity until 5 pm on April 11th.

How to get your complimentary assessment:

  1. Join the Commercialisation Professional Network on Mighty Networks. For an invitation, please reach out to
  2. Once you've joined, find the pinned post introducing the online assessment tool, and express your interest by commenting "I'm in!"
  3. A member of the KiwiNet team will promptly provide you with a link to access your complimentary self-assessment.

Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your professional journey with our Commercialisation Professional Assessment Tool. Embrace the opportunity for growth and development today!