Emerging Innovator Programme Champions

Programme Champions

Generously supporting the KiwiNet Emerging Innovator Programme

Outset Ventures

Outset Ventures has generously provided $30,000 to support KiwiNet Emerging Innovators

Outset Ventures is the largest and fastest growing hub for deep technology startups in New Zealand. We provide commercial laboratory and workshop spaces, incubation programmes, and investment for early-stage ventures founded on science and engineering breakthroughs.

Currently home to 24 deep tech ventures, entrepreneurs backed by Outset Ventures can access its facilities and its expanding entrepreneurial community while preparing their companies for global markets.

The Emerging Innovator Fund is generously supported by:
Norman Barry Foundation
The Norman Barry Foundation has generously provided $475,000 to support KiwiNet Emerging Innovators.

The Norman Barry Foundation, is a charitable trust registered under the Charities Act 2005. Norman Barry was an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who established the Quality Hotel Parnell.

During his successful business career he mentored motel owners in Auckland who were new to the industry and helped various charitable organisations in the form of donations.

Norman left his shareholding in Quality Hotel Parnell Limited to the Foundation, and the distributions from this Company to the Foundation are used for charitable donations.

In addition, Quality Hotel Parnell Limited is also a registered charity in its own right and this company also makes donations to the community.

John Smith, Chairman of the Norman Barry Foundation

“Both KiwiNet and the Foundation share the common goal to inspire young people to pursue science careers and seek out opportunities to apply their knowledge to the benefit of the community and the economy.”

John Smith, Chairman of the Norman Barry Foundation

K1W1 Limited

K1W1 has generously provided $50,000 to support KiwiNet Emerging Innovators.

Damon Crow, K1W1 Ltd
Damon Crow, K1W1 Ltd

“K1W1 Ltd has invested over $250M in Seed and Venture capital into a large number of start-up and early stage businesses from Biotech, environmental technology, high tech, software and other high export potential businesses.

Our aim is to either directly or as a “fund of funds” assist young entrepreneurs to grow New Zealand as a leader in the knowledge economy and to help create a culture of making New Zealand “cash flow positive” in international goods and services trade.

We see the KiwiNet Emerging Innovator Programme as an invaluable catalyst, enabling the next generation of Kiwi innovators to take their discoveries to market. We’re delighted to support this initiative.”

Thanks also to our generous PledgeMe supporters, helping to fund even more entrepreneurial scientists through the Emerging Innovator Programme.



Emerging Innovator Programme Supporters

  • Andrew Harwood
  • Claire McGowan
  • David Eldor
  • Eithne Sweeney, Wires Uncrossed
  • Ferris Lu
  • Geoff Cossey
  • Janine Manning
  • Marisa Fong
  • Nelson Wang
  • Richard Coon
  • Rudi Bublitz
  • Shannon Thomas
  • Sharon Bryant
  • Suse Reynolds
  • And our extended group of wonderful PledgeMe supporters

Callaghan Innovation
Sponsor of the inaugural recipient of the Fund,
Dr Andrew Kralicek, Plant & Food Research.

Providing legal services to the fund recipients

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Providing IP advice to the fund recipients.