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The KiwiNet Emerging Innovator Programme inspires and nurtures Kiwi scientists with entrepreneurial DNA, fast-tracking them to commercial success.

Strengthening entrepreneurship and nurturing commercial aspiration in our scientists is essential to transforming scientific discoveries into new business that will drive prosperity for New Zealand.

KiwiNet’s Emerging Innovator Programme provides targeted support to early stage career scientists who will become the future innovators of New Zealand.

The Emerging Innovator Programme provides funding to enable scientists to build industry connections and demonstrate a proof-of-principle of a disruptive new invention. To be accepted into the programme, a scientist must demonstrate a clever new idea and a willingness to work closely with industry and/or commercial mentors as they develop a prototype. The aim of the programme is to have more scientists with disruptive new ideas, working alongside businesses to solve industry challenges.

The Emerging Innovator Fund is generously supported by

Outset Ventures

Norman Barry Foundation

K one W one Limited

Programme Structure

The Emerging Innovator Programme is built on three stages of progression.
Successful applicants enter Stage One upon confirmation of their award by the Investment Committee.

Emerging Innovator Programme Structure