KiwiNet Spin-Out Programme

KiwiNet’s Spin-Out Programme fast tracks commercially viable discoveries into fully formed investor-ready spin-out companies. It enhances the rigour of the project and spin-out by providing the inventors and research organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge to become founders, attract investment and accelerate the growth of their spin-out companies.

The comprehensive programme will last approximately 3 to 5 months, and it is for participants and projects from KiwiNet’s partner research organisations. It leverages KiwiNet’s commercial mentors and corporate partners to achieve key objectives through a rigorous four-stage process, from securing internal organisational support to preparing for a capital raise.

KiwiNet is trialling a pilot in 2021 and we aim to scale it to support three to four founders annually. To find out more contact:

Process and Criteria

1. Source Founder and Project

  • Inventor/Founder and project are identified by the research organisation and KiwiNet management team.

2. Criteria & Evaluation

  • KiwiNet PreSeed funded projects are eligible to participate.
  • It must be a platform technology.
  • The technology must have an international market and be internationally scalable.
  • The researcher/inventor must be interested in commercialising their idea and committed to spinning out a company.
  • The public research organisation has agreed to spin-out a company. Senior-level approval to participate in the programme is required from the KiwiNet partner organisation.

3. Acceptance into Programme

  • Final approval will be made by KiwiNet's private sector team in consultation with the partner research organisation.

4. Participation in Programme

  • The inventor/founder is assigned a commercial mentor.
  • The mentor will provide support to the researcher and spin-out company, including attendance at corporate partner meetings.
  • The inventor/founder completes the four-stage programme.

5. End of Programme

  • The inventor/founder, alongside their commercial mentor, presents the outcomes achieved to the KiwiNet investment committee.
  • Goals achieved after completion of the programme:
    • Spin-out company will have all the items required for due diligence (e.g. IP, Financials, Legal, Pitch Deck, etc).
    • Spin-out company is prepared for a capital raise.