Keen to put your commercialisation expertise to good use?

Become a KiwiNet Commercial Mentor!

Public research organisations across the country need your help to accelerate their IP to commercial success and overcome limited tech transfer resources.

You can provide expertise and help build capability within their team, help shape proposals for PreSeed investment, and provide ongoing, on-the-ground commercialisation support. You can support in a range of ways, from identifying new commercial opportunities to mentoring some very high potential projects and our Emerging Innovators.

How can you get involved?

  • Triage a project pipeline within the commercialisation unit, helping to evaluate the portfolio, identify opportunities and prioritise them for further work.
  • Provide advice on how to identify, select and engage with appropriate commercial partners to achieve the objectives of PreSeed funding.
  • Provide advice and support on putting together appropriate plans to achieve commercial objectives.
  • Provide advice on planning for use of PreSeed funding to demonstrate a minimum viable prototype of their idea.
  • Provide advice and support to tap into other sources of funding and investment that will enable the project to be continued once the PreSeed funding is completed.
  • Take the Commercial Lead role including on-going market validation, business and commercial planning.
  • Support a project team in presenting the results of their work to the KiwiNet Investment Committee, either in person or via telephone, and be available to answer the Committee’s questions.

Commercial Mentor Case Studies

Merv Jones

– Fast tracked ESR’s portfolio review

With a rich history of scientific discovery, ESR had a wide range of projects at various stages of maturity and needed to quickly identify which ones should be fast tracked for commercialisation funding and support…

Will Barker

– Championed Dr. Vlatko Materić’s launch of Hot Lime Labs

“It’s always hardest to find the first person to step up and stand by you…”
Dr. Vlatko Materić’s, Founder and CEO, Hot Lime Labs

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