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KiwiNet members collaborate to develop a shared library of process forms, legal templates, checklists and case studies. The aim is to optimise best practice processes amongst research organisations and improve transparency when dealing with external parties. KiwiNet has created a suite of draft templates for use in research organisations.

Best Practice Library

Non-Disclosure Agreement (1 way)

1 Way Confidentiality Agreement between two parties

Non-Disclosure Agreement (2 way)

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement between two parties

Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement between two parties

Clean Title Screen Form

Involves looking at the project history to identify potential claims on ownership, issues that might affect patentability and confirm PreSeed eligibility

KiwiNet licence Term Sheet

License Term Sheet Guidelines between two parties

Co-Funding Agreement

Co-Funding Agreement template for a KiwiNet Partner and 3rd Party

Master Professional Services Agreement

Services Agreement template for a KiwiNet Partner and 3rd Party

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Template for a KiwiNet Partner and 3rd Party

Professional Services Agreement

A professional services agreement for KiwiNet Partners

Purchase Agreement

Where a Contractor has agreed to provide Work to a KiwiNet Partner

Research Services Agreement

Template for a KiwiNet Partner and a Contractor

Secondment Agreement

Template for the Secondment of a Secondee from a KiwiNet Partner to a Host

Note: Please refer to the terms and conditions, including disclaimer for the best practice library before accessing any of the above documents

KiwiNet Investment Committee Operations

Documents explaining KiwiNet Investment Committee principles and processes.

Investment Principles

An important guide to the key criteria the investment committee use in making investment decisions.

Process Guide

Information about investment available, processes for accessing investment and which forms to use when.

Meeting Calendar

A list of dates for upcoming Investment Committee meetings and deadlines for submission.

Commercialisation Partner Network (CPN) Resources

Process forms to be completed for the KiwiNet and Return on Science Investment Committees:

Project Notification Form

The purpose of this document is to notify KiwiNet, MBIE and Return on Science of a new project that will be allocated PSAF investment.

Project Preview Form

The purpose of this document is to get feedback from the committee prior to preparing a Project Development Plan. This is not an application for investment.

Project Development Plan

The purpose of this document is to provide the Investment Committee with information supporting your application for investment.

Project Progress Report

Complete this report and submit to the Investment Committee no later than 15 days following the end of each quarter.

Project Status Change

The Project Status Change Form needs to be submitted when a PreSeed-funded project undergoes major changes that must be approved by the Investment Committee (i.e., change in status, revised end date, revised budget).

PreSeed Claim Form

Use this form to claim for all PreSeed Accelerator Fund expenses except Tier 2 and Tier 3 Projects.

CPN Process Guide

CPN Investment Committee Process Guide for devolved PreSeed Contract Holders

Innovation Jumpstart Handbook

A Guide For A Practical Approach To Encourage Disclosures