Non-Devolved Contract Holders Investment

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In addition to devolved contract holders, MBIE has set aside some “non-devolved” PreSeed for those that don’t hold devolved contracts to advance commercialisation projects to a point of investor-readiness.

MIBE's non-devolved PreSeed Accelerator Fund is now open for applications.
Details about the fund

The goal of PreSeed is to support publicly funded research organisations to undertake early stage commercialisation activities.

Non-devolved PreSeed is specifically for publicly funded research organisations who do not hold devolved PreSeed contracts and has the additional goal of helping those organisations to build their commercialisation capabilities.

Funding is available on demand until 30 June 2019 and there is up to $879,898 available. This is an increased amount compared to the past three years, recognising the growing importance of these activities and the successes that have been achieved to date.

For information on how to apply, please contact KiwiNet.

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