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Investors and entrepreneurs

For many researchers the motivation behind creating scientific breakthroughs isn't becoming rich - it's about changing the world...

Historically there's been pressure within academia to avoid commercialising ideas - thankfully this has changed. This intent to be a good citizen and offer value to humanity, can sometimes be perceived as an anti-business attitude. In our experience this is rarely the case.

Ultimately it's all about vision. For researchers it's the ability to envision new possibilities and to focus solely on this, while for investors it's seeing the potential in an idea before anyone else, and helping turn it into a global success. When the right combination of scientists and investors get together, the results can be astounding.

Take for example, STRmix™ this is a breakthrough for forensic analysts as it can assist investigations using DNA evidence that was previously considered too complex to interpret. It's now an international success, customers include 130 organisations across 12 counties. This is just one of many success stories.

As for KiwiNet, think of us as matchmakers. Our role is to find the perfect combination of investors, entrepreneurs, industry, researchers, scientists and rangatahi, and focus on helping you discover the right investment opportunities.

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Success Stories

Projects that have been successfully commercialised by Universities and CRIs and are generating significant economic returns for New Zealand

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Help accelerate innovators and their IP to commercial success.

Psychometric Profiling – Know and Grow Your Team

KiwiNet is pleased to offer Prevue psychometric assessments providing valuable insights into an individual’s abilities, motivations, personality and approach to work. it’s a useful tool to support investors and entrepreneurs to assess and build commercial capability on projects.

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