AgResearch - ZeaKal

A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

International spin out supports the commercialization of plant biotechnology in New Zealand

Improving New Zealand's most important crop, perennial ryegrass has lead two enterprising scientists Dr Nick Roberts and Dr Greg Bryan on an exciting journey of discovery and innovation.

Born out of their world leading science is their latest venture a biotechnology startup called ZeaKal.

Their company utilizes the technology and skills polished while leading the forage improvement teams at AgResearch. Their next-generation biology focuses on increasing plants' intrinsic photosynthetic capacity.

The plants can therefore harvest more sunlight, fix more carbon dioxide and do so with less water. For farmers, this means better seed and grain yield with forecasted yield improvements by as much as 20 percent.

ZeaKal grass
Dr Nick Roberts, Chief Science Officer, ZeaKal and Dr Greg Bryan, CTO, ZeaKal (back centre) pictured with the AgResearch Plant Biotechnology team at their Grasslands Campus