A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

WETOX is a technology out of the University of Victoria that seeks to provide an economic and environmentally friendly way of disposing of waste sludge products.

There are a number of acute issues associated with the disposal of waste sludge. The receiving environment (particularly waterways) is stressed, valuable resources are being wasted and disposal sites are becoming scarce. These issues are global and increasing. The Wetox technology addresses this by reducing sludge volumes by over 95% and retrieving re-usable constituents.

WETOX provides a complete onsite disposal option which separates wastewater products into clean water and re-usable resources, in a competitive and environmentally acceptable way.

The goal is to prove critical technical and economic aspects of the WETOX system, to enable external investment from the private sector into this technology. The path to achieving this is through a PreSeed funded project, approved by the KiwiNet Investment Committee. By validating and fine tuning the operating conditions for the Wetox process, while also proving a viable economic model, WETOX will be in a position to form business partnerships and implement their commercialisation plan.

"The investment and support from KiwiNet has allowed us to significantly accelerate the Wetox technology towards securing our first customers which puts us in a much stronger position to raise private capital and launch our solution globally."

Jeremy Jones, Commercialisation Manager, Viclink