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A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

The market for flat panel display technology in televisions, smartphones and tablets is incredibly fast moving, innovative and lucrative. There is constant drive to improve the technology with higher resolutions, 3D functions, faster refresh rates and lower power consumption.

Development of technology that capitalises on these improvements can open access to a market with incredibly high demand – in 2012 alone 130,000,000 iPhones were sold worldwide.

the University of Canterbury (UC) brought a project to the kiwinet investment committee, seeking PreSeed funding to support commercialisation of a new technology for application in the flat panel display market.

The committee was enthusiastic about this project, and approved the requested PreSeed allocation, while emphasising the importance of moving quickly to stay current with the ever changing market. Since funding, UC have engaged several experts to focus this project effectively, to succeed in a challenging marketplace.