Grasslanz Technology Limited

A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

Grasslanz has been a success story through the delivery of technologies and products, from the Crown Research Institute science system, to end users both in New Zealand and offshore. Grasslanz Technology Limited was established as a subsidiary of AgResearch in 2003.

Grasslanz invests in the development of proprietary plant technologies primarily delivered through seed and our end users are farmers. It establishes alliances with seed companies to commercialise its products. Grasslanz works with an international network of investors and research organisations to develop innovative new products. Grasslanz success is underpinned by:

  • employing a successful commercialisation model based around partnerships and licensing.
  • commercialisation of a large number of new forage technologies creating wealth for NZ farmers.
  • its core strength of pasture cultivars and endophyte, and successful development of a broader product port-folio with international reach.

Grasslanz was a finalist for the Commercial Deal Award at the 2013 KiwiNet Awards.

Grasslanz Technology Limited