Callaghan Innovation & Manuka Health: CycloPower™

A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

CycloPower™ dietary supplements manufactured and powered by a partnership between Manuka Health and Callaghan Innovation

Manuka Health New Zealand (MHNZ) produce a range of health products and dietary supplements using natural NZ ingredients such as manuka honey and propolis.

Callaghan Innovation's Integrated Bioactive Technologies (IBT) group transform biological resources into high value products such as nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and food ingredients.

Together they have partnered to power the growth of MHNZ through commercially driven research and development.

The result is a new technology platform CycloPowerTM that has produced a suite of products based on encapsulating the bioactives found in manuka honey and in propolis inside cyclodextrins that allow controlled release of the bioactives at the point where they are needed in the body.

This has resulted in four patents and a whole new area of business with strong sales. This is proof of what can happen when small companies gain access to experts, plant and equipment when both partners share a common goal.

Manuka Health

Callaghan Innovation

Manuka Health Cyclopower