A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

ArcActive Limited was spun out by Research & Innovation, at the University of Canterbury, to commercialise diverse applications of a unique carbon nanotube-laden substrate developed using a continuous, novel and inexpensive method of depositing carbon nanotubes on conducting substrates.

The continuous production of carbon nanotubes and the ability to deposit them on various substrates has been a major bottleneck in advancing nanotube applications and bringing them to market, but with the advent of the novel approach developed by ArcActive, the manufacturing and technical hurdles have been circumvented.

The implication of this is that carbon nanotube based devices that were previously seen as being not commercially viable are now able to be made.

ArcActive patented technologies have applications in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Electrodes for Supercapacitors and Batteries
  • Cathodes for Backlights and Lamps
  • Cathodes for CNT TV, gas ionisation sensors and X-ray tubes


University of Canterbury