Advanced Sonar Technology

Callaghan Innovation & Electronic Navigation Limited

A New Zealand Research Commercialisation Success Story

The Advanced Sonar Technologies team (which includes Eugene Stytsenko, David Greager, Neil Scott and Marco Meijer) at Callaghan Innovation is a multi-disciplinary team which was set up to develop long-range sonar technologies during a research engagement with ENL (Electronic Navigation Limited).

The team has been collaborating with ENL for well over 10 years leading to commercial success for ENL’s WASSP sonar product which is now exported to 39 countries.

In 2010 ENL entered into a five year co-funding agreement with Callaghan Innovation to work together on the development of the next generation of sonar technologies.

The agreement - which involves in-kind and direct co-funding from both parties - will deliver a new generation of products incorporating innovations in the area of hardware design, transducers and signal processing techniques developed by both ENL and Callaghan Innovation teams.

Advanced Sonar Technology won the Research & Business Partnership Award at the 2013 KiwiNet Awards.

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