KiwiNet News 11 July 2013

KiwiNet supports Callaghan's ambition for boosting innovation

Hamilton, New Zealand, 11 July 2013

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) welcomes the release of Callaghan Innovation's Statement of Intent (SOI), tabled in Parliament this week. KiwiNet commended Callaghan for its collaborative approach which complements rather than replicates the activities already established in this space.

Hon Ruth Richardson, Chairman of KiwiNet believes this announcement will be another defining step in establishing New Zealand as a future global leader in high tech innovation and its successful commercialisation.

"Callaghan is demonstrating a willingness to explore new initiatives and to work in partnership with existing organisations to deliver a step change in innovation activity."

One of the principal activities of Callaghan Innovation is to foster a culture of innovation and build excitement about business growth. Richardson says this strongly complements KiwiNet's own efforts to increase the scale and impact of commercialisation in New Zealand research organisations.

"NZ will be the winner if we can work in tandem. While Callaghan's stated mission is to inspire and lead a new wave of innovation in the business community, KiwiNet continues to ramp up our support of research organisations to match that demand with the supply of exciting new technologies built on world leading scientific expertise."

"Achieving the step change that the government seeks will require a combined national effort, bringing together the innovation community and helping them to better execute their ideas and make their mark in global markets."