KiwiNet News 12 August 2013

KiwiNet and Callaghan combine forces to drive innovation and economic growth

Hamilton, New Zealand, 12 August 2013

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) and Callaghan Innovation have cemented a partnership to help turn more clever ideas and research discoveries into new products and services. By working collaboratively with New Zealand's research and business communities the organisations aim to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation.

Dr Bram Smith, General Manager of KiwiNet, a consortium established by Universities and Crown Research Entities, is enthusiastic about the opportunities the partnership will create. "While Callaghan Innovation is mobilising to boost innovation capability in business, KiwiNet is working to drive greater engagement between the research community and business to convert scientific discoveries into real world applications."

KiwiNet operates an Investment Committee that involves 13 Universities and Crown Research Entities, representing 6000 researchers or two thirds of the researchers in New Zealand's public research organisations. The group has recently secured $7.5million in Government investment specifically for turning research ideas into commercial value.

Dr Smith says, "KiwiNet has deep connections into research organisations across New Zealand and provides a front door for industry and investors to connect with technologies and expertise in research organisations. Likewise, Callaghan will have strong business connections that we can tap into to quickly commercialise new technologies from research organisations out to businesses."

Both organisations play a distinct role in fostering a culture of innovation that will drive economic growth. KiwiNet helps research organisations to produce more commercial outcomes, be more collaborative and better connected with businesses and international organisations. Callaghan Innovation is focused on helping businesses be more innovative, more collaborative and better connected with research capability and international markets.

Dr Smith believes this partnership has significant potential to establish New Zealand as a global leader of the future in high tech innovation and its successful commercialisation. "New Zealand aspires to create an innovation driven economy. Both organisations are working to remove fragmentation and collaborate around New Zealand's areas of strength through which research and industry can more effectively work together."