Water Foresighting Event

This event was held on 30th April, 2014 in Wellington


KiwiNet and Landcare hosted a Foresight workshop to explore the key issues regarding the technologies that support water quality.

One of the issues identified at the workshop was the disconnect between current “measurements” to the “modelling” decision tools.

This issue was confirmed with representatives of science, the industry and regulatory organisations.

About the April event

KiwiNet is supporting a follow-up foresighting workshop, addressing key issues around water management in agriculture that will contribute to the goal of a sustainable and productive agricultural industry in NZ.

While many discussions focus on regulation and restrictions, this meeting will focus on high tech solutions that can be implemented to increase sustainably and profitability. We aim to connect researchers and businesses from across New Zealand to investigate technological solutions to address our most challenging water management issues. For example:

  • Precision irrigation control
  • Accurate nutrient runoff measurement and modelling.
  • Sustainable waste water management.


  • Building networks and relationships amongst key experts in the field.
  • Identifying key issues to address so that complete solutions can be created.
  • Exploring opportunities to combine resources and expertise.
  • Developing plans for opportunities for innovative solutions to meet market needs

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