Smart Buildings Foresighting

This event was held on 14th August, 2014 in Christchurch

The Issue

The Canterbury rebuild provides us with a huge opportunity to construct a new generation of Smart Buildings that monitor building health and energy efficiency as part of integrated building monitoring and management system. Imagine the possibilities if Smart Buildings could share data between one another and with building occupants in real time: the energy efficiency of buildings, equipment and construction techniques could be compared and benchmarked; facilities managers could monitor and adapt energy use and objective assessment could reduce the length of downtime following adverse events. The issue is, what technology is needed to integrate these two systems and share the data to achieve these aspirations? This is your opportunity to understand the market requirements and shape the future solutions.

Aims of event & why people attended

This workshop focused on connecting innovative business and stakeholders with inventive researchers from New Zealand research organisations, to explore these challenges and the exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies. The desired outcome was collaborative developments.

  • Representatives of organisations such as Schneider Electric, Cortexo and Sensing City attended.
  • Ultimately our aim was to foster connectivity to increase the commercialisation opportunities of new technologies that help meet New Zealand’s and in particular Canterbury’s rebuild challenges.


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