KiwiRail Business Challenges

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KiwiRail maintains more than 4000kms of rail track. They were seeking novel proposals for High-speed Automated Track Inspection Technologies that could give reliable and accurate measurements of track condition to reduce maintenance costs.

Initial discussions between K-Matrix, KiwiNet and KiwiRail, lead to the identification of 3 Key challenges that would greatly benefit KiwiRail if solved.

Key Challenges:

  1. Non-invasive method for measuring stress in rail tracks
  2. Non-invasive method for measuring wooden sleeper integrity
  3. Image analysis of track condition

Non-invasive measurement of stress in railway tracks

Photo by Michael Kilgour, courtesy of KiwiRail

Incorrect stress on the iron rails could cause them to buckle or break. This was a highly dangerous situation that may lead to derailment. The classic methods to measure the longitudinal rail stress were:

  • Cutting the rail and measuring the resulting gap/overlap
  • Using the lifting frame method (current KiwiRail preferred method)

KiwiRail needed to measure rail stresses non-destructively providing reliable information for maintenance engineers to allow them to de-stress rails before problems occur.

Non-invasive measurement of sleeper integrity

Photo courtesy of KiwiRail

Splits or cracks in a sleeper can mean derailment. While wooden sleepers are being replaced with concrete versions, the cost and effort to identify those that need replacement is expensive. To automate and accurately identify sleepers that need to be replaced would result in major savings.

Image analysis
of track condition

Photo by Michael Kilgour, courtesy of KiwiRail

There was a desperate need to improve the monitoring the condition of the track. Be it the connections of the rail to the sleeper, overgrowth of foliage on the side of the tracks or overhead power coupling, all could be improved using innovative image analysis technology to identify and warn KiwiRail saving both time and accidents.

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