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Commercialisation Essentials Workshop Series

These workshops are free of charge and targeted at researchers, of all levels, from Universities, CRIs and other research organisations. These workshops are designed to empower researchers to engage effectively with their technology transfer offices and industry to advance their work. We source a range of professional trainers and facilitators to deliver these workshops chosen to ensure expertise in engagement and subject matter.

Our “Commercialisation essentials” workshop series consists of the following core workshops, these events will be toured around the country so keep an eye on the website one in a city near you soon:

  • Commercialisation fundamentals: This workshop is intended to be a starting point, a one day introduction to the concepts involved in commercialising research. It is designed to give researchers an awareness of the steps involved in the process and equip them with tools and skills to start effective conversations with commercialisation professionals. The concepts introduced here will be built on in more detail in the workshops to follow in the essentials series (below).
  • Essentials of Market Validation: Will dive deeper into the process of gathering information about potential markets. There is a strong focus on the skills required to engage with industry to validate a researcher’s intended strategy and target markets. This will give researchers the tools necessary to begin identifying commercial partners and assessing the value of their technology.
  • Essentials of Protecting your Discoveries: Will teach participants a working knowledge of IP protection strategies to capture value. Using patent literature (other) to focus in on novel aspects of technologies and how this information can inform development direction.
  • Essentials of Selling your Research: Will coach participants to develop and deliver a well-polished business case to investors or decision makers. There will be a strong focus on building and communicating a succinct robust value proposition, whether the audience is an industry investor or research funding body.

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  • Building networks and relationships amongst key experts in the field.
  • Identifying key issues to address so that complete solutions can be created.
  • Exploring opportunities to combine resources and expertise.
  • Developing plans for opportunities for innovative solutions to meet market needs
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