WILD for STEM - How is it unique?

There are many initiatives that target building diversity in leadership teams. Here’s what sets the WILD Programme apart:

  • We believe this would be the only initiative directly targeted at increasing inclusion of women in the science and innovation leadership base.
  • Participants will be supported by a mentor throughout the programme, build strong relationships with other business leaders and expand their industry networks
  • Upon completion of the programme our cohort would have completed a recognised and certified governance course.
  • The programme would provide broad based leadership training that would help set up participants for a variety of career paths.
  • The delivery of the training modules would be provided by respected organisations such as Governance NZ and the Angel Association.
  • Participants will have exclusive access to Prevue, a tool that provides valuable insights into an individual’s abilities, motivations, and approach to work, so they can become better and more successful leaders.