On offer to successful applicants

This six-month programme would offer a range of initiatives to boost STEM based women’s leadership and governance capabilities including:

  • A Governance course to shape your directorship and decision-making skills. Key topics include: discussion, debate, and review of boardroom dynamics; finance concepts; risk; strategy; culture; and developing a foundation for greater inclusion and impact.
  • A leadership retreat to help understand your strengths and leadership style.
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in board meetings as an unpaid non-voting observer.
  • Ongoing mentorship from a personal mentor to help guide and progress your development throughout the programme.
  • The opportunity to meet with your cohort to share experiences and learnings and to celebrate the completion of the programme.

Who is eligible?

Admission into the programme would be based on a mandatory prerequisite that applicants must be women with a background in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) and are currently working in a commercial environment.
Applicants should also:

  • Have career aspirations in leadership and governance.
  • Be committed to attending all aspects of the programme throughout the six months.
  • Be willing to participate in surveys and demonstrate how the WILD programme has enabled them to progress their career aspirations in leadership and governance.