On offer to contributing boards and mentors

  • A targeted programme, which aligns with your Board’s stated values to increase and support diversity and inclusion in governance and leadership, specifically in the STEM space.
  • The opportunity to mentor and support talented women, to achieve their career aspirations, and grow leadership skills and governance experience.
  • The ability to enrich the makeup of New Zealand’s boards in a tangible way, leading to more robust and inclusive governance for the future.

Which boards and mentors are best suited to the WILD Programme?

Ideal partner boards would:

  • Have diversity of thought and inclusion as part of their core values.
  • Be open to having an observer with no voting rights observe their meetings for a period of time.
  • Hold board meetings on a regular basis.

Ideal partner mentors would:

  • Be committed to growing the capability of women with STEM backgrounds.
  • Have had experience in governance and leadership.
  • Be willing to prioritise time to actively mentor our participants over the course of a year, especially when participants are preparing for board meetings.