Sector Technology & Capability Portfolios


At a KiwiNet Foresight meeting in 2014 industry representatives mentioned that they had little knowledge on what collectively is going on at New Zealand’s public research organisations (PROs) regarding new technologies or capability. To help solve this issues, we have produced an overview of the recent and upcoming technology and the capability held at New Zealand’s publicly funded organisations (PROs) within a chosen industry sector – Water Measurement.

The information is presented in multiple ways to enable you find what you’re looking for quickly. We aim to update these documents on a biannual basis and encourage any publicly funded organisations not covered in this 1st edition to contact KiwiNet to have their information included.

This is not an exhaustive list, so we encourage readers if they want to know more to contact the lead contact at each organisation.


Latest Portfolios

Water Measurement
Part A Technology

Water Measurement Part A Technology

Water Measurement
Part B Capability

Water Measurement Part B Capability