Emerging Opportunities Showcase


These documents provide an overview of some of the recent investments made by the KiwiNet Investment Committee. The KiwiNet Investment Committee invests PreSeed Accelerator Funding (PSAF) provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. This PreSeed funding is targeted at developing research discoveries to the point where they are “investor ready”.

These projects are very early stage and may not yet be developed to the point where they can secure private investment. However, each project has had some targeted due diligence carried out as part of preparing a business plan for presentation to the KiwiNet Investment Committee.

The aim of this activity is to provide potential investors and companies with more visibility of the opportunities that are emerging from research organisations. These projects may not be ready for investment yet, but if you get involved early, you may be able to help guide the project to become an attractive investment proposition in the future.

KiwiNet also runs Emerging Opportunity Showcase events which are used to profile these early stage technologies.


  • Building networks and relationships amongst key experts in the field.
  • Identifying key issues to address so that complete solutions can be created.
  • Exploring opportunities to combine resources and expertise.
  • Developing plans for opportunities for innovative solutions to meet market needs

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