New Zealand Innovation Database

Acoustic Research Group

The Acoustic Research Group has expertise in noise and vibration control in a wide variety of applications including buildings, machinery and transport.


Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution

The Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution is part of the New Zealand Government's Centres of Research Excellence initiative, and focuses on research in molecular biology, ecology and evolution, bringing together internationally recognised researchers.


Astronomy and Astrophysics Group

Astrophysics is the application of physics to uncover and understand phenomena in the universe.


AUT RFID Applications Laboratory (AURA)

AUT Radiofrequency Identification Applications Laboratory specialises in radio-frequency identification technology.


Behavior and welfare for Animal Performance

Understanding animal behaviour and improving their welfare


Border security

Collaborative work to reduce the rate at which new pests arrive and become established in New Zealand


Breeding and Cultivation for Plant and Forage

Developing better plant strains and hybrids for pastoral improvement


Center for EHEALTH

Centre for eHealth—an interdisciplinary centre for eHealth service innovation and delivery, for commercialisation, for research, and to coordinate eHealth contribution across multiple existing teaching programme within AUT.


Centre of Building Performance Research

The Council of Victoria University of Wellington approved the establishment of the Centre of Building Performance Research (CBPR) in 1998. The Centre is the first of its kind in New Zealand, built upon the expertise in architecture and building performance research established at the Victoria University School of Architecture over the past 25 years.


Climate change & adaptation for the land and environment

Helping agricultural producers maintain and grow their output through times of environmental change