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New Zealand Business Challenges

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KiwiNet speaks to a range of local companies about current problems they are facing within their organisations. These companies now extend their problems as business challenges to New Zealand’s public research organisations. They are interested in hearing about any research ideas or projects that may offer a solution and there is the potential to work with them directly to develop your solution for commercial applications.

Funding is Available

KiwiNet is keen to hear your proposals to solve these challenges, and we are willing to help support good ideas from research organisations to prepare prototypes and prove technologies.

To find out more about the challenges below or to submit your expression of interest in finding a solution please email and we’ll be in touch, or call Seumas McCroskery on 021 617 752. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Current Business Challenges


Sanford Ltd processes 1.5 million mussels per day. Processing that many molluscs presents all sorts of challenges. They are currently seeking novel proposals for High-speed Automated Processing Technologies

Currently mussels are graded via the mussel shell width, which in-turn estimates the mussel weight. This is important as each mussel is sorted and then blanched based on their predicted weight. Inaccuracies means many mussels are being under or over blanched. Industry needs a much more accurate method of predicting mussel weight – this is a high value challenge, that could have global applications.

Pitch your ideas directly to Industry and innovation funders at the workshop associated with the AquacultureNZ conference.

$5,000 Prize for Best idea presented at AquacultureNZ Research Workshop 22nd Oct.

Sanford Business Challenges


KiwiRail maintains more than 4000kms of rail track. They are seeking novel proposals for High-speed Automated Track Inspection Technologies that can give reliable and accurate measurements of track condition to reduce maintenance costs.

Key Challenges:

  1. Non-invasive method for measuring stress in rail tracks
  2. Non-invasive method for measuring wooden sleeper integrity
  3. Image analysis of track condition

KiwiRail Business Challenges