Tier Two Funding

Tier Two – PreSeed above $25k

PreSeed will reimburse up to 50% of the projects eligible costs. Prior approval from the Investment Committee is required. Organisations should submit a Project Development Plan.

AmountPreSeed will reimburse up to 50% of eligible costs above $25k PreSeed per project.
DescriptionFor eligible costs incurred in executing the business plan and achieving the commercialisation objective.
How to applyObtain approval from the Investment Committee by submitting a Project Development Plan.
Minimum requirements All projects must be derived from publicly funded research and only PreSeed eligible expenses can be claimed.
  • Budget & milestone plan
  • 1 external reviewer encouraged
Eligible CostsSee appendix 1 for list of PreSeed eligible costs. Costs can include wages, travel, materials & consumables, securing IP (e.g. provisional patent), technical development, and business case preparation.
Expected OutcomeTechnology reaches an “investor ready” stage.
Process forms and reporting requirements
  1. Submit Quarterly Project Progress Report.
  2. Submit invoice with Quarterly Project Progress Report to admin@kiwinet.org.nz at the end of each quarter.
  3. Submit a Project Change Form to admin@kiwinet.org.nz if the project requires a change in budget, end date, or major change of outcomes.

Full project reporting must be provided quarterly for all Active Tier Two Projects by submission of a Project Progress Report (4.50) to the Investment Committee.