Tier One Funding

Tier One PreSeed Funding up to $25K

PreSeed will reimburse up to 50% of a project’s eligible costs to a maximum $25k PreSeed, and will cover costs incurred in market validation, business case preparation, securing IP and technical development at proof of concept stage. Prior approval is not required from the Investment Committee however you are required to notify KiwiNet when you start the project and report on the project outcomes at the end. This funding can be used to support full commercialisation of a small project, or preparation of a business case for a larger Tier Two project.

AmountPreSeed will reimburse up to 50% of eligible costs with a maximum of $25k PreSeed per project.
DescriptionFor costs incurred in assessing market & technical opportunity for a technology & preparation of the business case. Use this fund to commercialise a small project, or prepare a Project Development Plan for Tier Two investment.
How to applyPrior approval is not required from the Investment Committee , but the committee will monitor how the funding is used.
Minimum requirementsAll projects must be derived from publicly funded research and only PreSeed eligible expenses can be claimed.
Eligible CostsCosts can include wages, travel, materials & consumables, securing IP (e.g. provisional patent), technical development, and business case preparation. Please contact KiwiNet for more information.
Expected Outcome Possible outcomes include:
  1. Reaching “Investor Ready stage”
  2. Completing a Project Development Plan
  3. Project is closed/abandoned
Process forms and reporting requirements
  1. Submit Project Notification Form to admin@kiwinet.org.nz on starting the project.
  2. Submit a Project Preview Form to get feedback from the committee for any funding requests $15k- $25k.
  3. If continuing to Tier 2 submit a Project Development Plan.
  4. If Tier 1 completed, submit PreSeed Claim Form with a summary of the outcomes and attached invoice for PreSeed costs to admin@kiwinet.org.nz

The Committee are currently budgeting that no more than 10% of the total amount of PreSeed invested will be spent on Tier 1 Market Validation.