Engineering, Machinery & Electronics Exhibition Seminars

This event was held on May, 2014 in Auckland

May 28th, Auckland Seminar Series :

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is excited to be part of EMEX 2014 – what better way to connect with New Zealand’s manufacturing community, explore ways to leverage our combined capability, share networks and help solve core manufacturing innovation challenges?

If you have a great idea that needs expert development or tough questions that need answers, how do you go about finding the best and brightest minds in NZ’s research community to work with? Kiwis are resourceful and inventive, and our research community produces some world leading science in a variety of domains, however tapping into it can be a challenge!

The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is one of the largest collaborations of Universities and Crown Research Entities in New Zealand. It acts as a focal point, a front door, into NZ’s research capability. As a trusted neutral party amongst our 13 partner organisations, we can help guide you to connect with the best research minds in your particular field.

At EMEX 2014 KiwiNet is proud to present a seminar series targeted to core areas of manufacturing and business innovation. Informative and interesting presentations ranging from bring together the best team, capturing tangible commercial assets, productizing and highlighting some of NZ’s exciting research capability. KiwiNet is proud to play a key part in enabling NZ manufacturing innovation to take off!


Craig Armstrong -NZTE
Exporting end products/solutions
Andrew Lamb Callaghan Innovation
Carl Andrews – Immigration NZ
Skilled asset shortages
Catherine Beard – Business NZ / Export NZ
Findings of NZ Manufacturing sector report
Geoff Bates – Callaghan Innovation
Hi-Solution: Answering Industry needs
Graham Smith – Soda Inc
Incubating upcoming innovative businesses
David Simunic – AJ Park
Capturing value from Patents and IP
Nihal Kularatna – Waikato University
Education for innovation and commercialisation
Robert Holt – Callaghan Innovation
Hylink: Storing energy from our natural resources
Richard Wells – MinterEllisonRuddWatts
Case Studies in commercialisation of new technology
Mark Taylor – NZ Product Accelerator
Supercharging product development